This is the beginning of a group of artists who can come together to raise small pots of money to grapple with huge problems.  In January of 2011 my family faced the grim reality of not being able to stay together for the lack of 900 pounds.  There were no exemptions in the immigration rules to deal with families facing financial hardships short of human rights protection once we faced deportation.

With the support of another artist, Lena Simic, through the Becoming British project I was able to pay the fee.  It is not enough, however, just to solve one person’s problem.

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid will be a network of people coming together to produce and attend events that can raise between 1000 and 3000 pounds.

We are currently raising funds to support Fatoumata Sowe, a Gambian mother claiming asylum to protect her 2 year old British born daughter from FGM.  We are aiming to raise 3000 pounds in order for her to have the top barristers to represent her case to the highest level necessary.

This is not a one off however.  Mutual Aid is a type of social insurance where everybody feels more secure knowing that there is a community of support that is there for you if you are in a crisis.