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For ten years we have provided a legal safety net for members who have been denied access to legal aid because of complicated cases. In ten years this has been members seeking safety from gender based violence and trafficking. We are moving towards a sustainable model where we have continuous access to the best legal support available to challenge Home Office decisions, but we need 50 people to donate £10 per month. If you have visited Meet me at the River and you want to support us in our work, please consider becoming a regular contributor. Either by setting up a regular direct debit with the information below, or clicking on the link to our Open Collective Page.

50 people

£10 per month

The Migrant Artists Mutual Aid Legal Justice Fund

Transfer directly into our bank account, but please let us know by email where to send your prints!

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid
Co-operative Bank
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Account Number: 65562282

Featured post

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid would like to warmly thank everybody who supported our justice fund auction on Saturday.

Each of the auctioned images are limited editions of only ten prints.  Coming in the next day or two will be details of how to order any other images.  In the meantime please email us

When Justice has a price tag

Several members of MaMa are currently struggling with the impact of Legal Aid cuts. They are survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual slavery but cannot find any local solicitors even though they are entitled to this provision. Some have children, born in the UK who have special needs.

We have been meeting the challenge with song and targeted campaigning to members of parliament. Modern slavery and the trafficking of women for forced marriage, sexual slavery and domestic servitude will never end unless we support the courageous mothers who have resisted, stood up and escaped.

Many have never even had the right to stand in front of a judge to give evidence and they will never get that chance unless they get the legal support they are entitled to.

MaMa needs your help

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