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November 2011

This is the beginning of a group of artists who can come together to raise small pots of money to grapple with huge problems.  In January of 2011 my family faced the grim reality of not being able to stay together for the lack of 900 pounds.  There were no exemptions in the immigration rules to deal with families facing financial hardships short of human rights protection once we faced deportation.

With the support of another artist, Lena Simic, through the Becoming British project I was able to pay the fee.  It is not enough, however, just to solve one person’s problem.

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid will be a network of people coming together to produce and attend events that can raise between 1000 and 3000 pounds.

December 11, 2011 we will be hosting our first event to support Fatoumata Sowe, a Gambian mother claiming asylum to protect her 2 year old British born daughter from FGM.  We will need to raise 3000 pounds in order for her to have the top barristers to represent her case to the highest level necessary.

The event will be hosted by the Lantern Theatre and we need artists that are willing to perform, give short workshops, donate small works for auction, attend the event, and help spread the word.

This is not a one off however.  Mutual Aid is a type of social insurance where everybody feels more secure knowing that there is a community of support that is there for you if you are in a crisis.

The Lantern Theatre

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid is based at The Lantern Theatre. The theatre was recently taken over by Margaret Connell. Her work putting on some of the best live performance in the region and supporting Liverpool’s creative artists at every stage of their career is ground breaking.
Liverpool’s most intimate “Fringe” Venue

The Lantern Theatre is a family run, cosy and welcoming Theatre situated in a converted warehouse near Liverpool One. The auditorium holds around eighty five seats and has a fully licensed bar. The Lantern hosts regular performances from touring Theatre companies, local community groups, comedians and musicians, and is home to resident Theatre Company Tiny Giants who produce regular Theatre pieces throughout the year. The Theatre is family friendly and offers a variety of performances and activities for families and children including; birthday parties, summers schools and family fun days. The Lantern is a beautiful space that offers its audience a more personal Theatre experience and hosts a variety of different events to suit all tastes. Since opening in 2009, The Lantern has received fantastic feedback from artists and the general public, and continues to operate as an independent, family run Theatre that supports local artists and is at the heart of Liverpool’s community.
The Lantern Theatre also welcomes any theatre, music and comedy groups/promoters to contact us if you have any special events or productions that you would like to present on our stage.


In many ways I have started to think about this as a world music kids love disco, there is going to be all sorts of music, activities and entertainment that everybody can relax and dance to.  tickets are on sale now at the lantern theatre website

it would be really helpful if people could book tickets in advance and offer as much as they can afford, if you are feeling flush, buy some tickets for friends.  The Lantern only has a capacity for 100 so we would like to sell as many tickets in advance as possible, if you can’t make it please consider donating to Fatamouta’s legal fund.


1 pm Doors open
1:30 Dance sessions for under five’s
2 pm Circus Skills Workshop from Fools Rush In—plate spinning, juggling, stilts, all ages and stages

3 pm Global Sunday Lunch featuring African Specialities vegetarian and non vegetarian

3:30 Dance sessions for over fives with live music and some moves to try out with Carpet Trip

4 pm All ages Jazz grooving with Carpet Trip

5 pm Performance: Betting on Being British
Take the Life in the UK test, see if you can beat the 70% pass rate. Lena Simic and Jennifer Verson
6 pm Senegalese Contemporary with Taara
7 pm Pentland Brigg Irish Folk Music
and on and on
rumour has it that there may be some dead belgians

plus holiday book,  music, and toy buy and swap

bring a book, cd, dvd or good quality children’s toy and donate it, swap it for a new present or purchase a gift to benefit the people’s legal aid fund for Fatoumata Sowe

Pentland Brigg

Irish Folk band Pentland Brigg has been confirmed. There are also strong rumours that dead belgins may be rising so stay tuned

Circus Skills Workshops Confirmed

The wonderful and magical Steve Wallis will be offering circus skill workshops. These will be open sessions where carers and kids of all ages can have a go.

Poster and other good news

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